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IV Therapy Bootcamp

Presented by: The Concierge Nurse Network

Virtual or Live

Tampa, FL


Q: Who can attend?

A:This course is open to professionals seeking the proper foundation for starting and operating an IV Therapy clinic whether mobile, or brick and mortar. Professionals who commonly attend include RNS, LPNS, APRNS, Physicians, P.As and even potential investors/ Spa owners.

Q:Can I own an IV Therapy Clinic?

A:Generally yes, however, it is important to work closely with a health care attorney to insure proper set up of your business. The class will cover what you need to discuss with your attorney.

Q:Is there a virtual option?

A: Yes. You will be able to register for Virtual or In person attendance each time this event is offered.

Q:Will this be offered at other times?

A:Yes, we will have dates throughout 2023 and beyond!

Q: Do I need a Medical Director or Collaborative Physician? Will you assist with this?

A: Generally yes, unless you are an Advanced Practice Nurse in a Full Practice Authority State, or a Physician. We do provide assistance and resources for partnering with a physician.

Q: Where will the live class be located?

A: Class will be held at the Adaptiv Wellness and Recovery Wellness Spa and Drip Lounge. Participants will enjoy a live tour and hands on experience.


  • IV Therapy Business Start Up
  • Compliant Drip Formulas
  • Forms, Consents, Protocols
  • Marketing
  • Regulations and Legalities
  • USP 797
  • Clinic Set Up and Protocol
  • Clinic Operations
  • Setting up a Compliant Business
  • Infusion Guidelins
  • Mobile Logistics
  • Risk Management
  • Pharmacy Presentation
  • Lifetime Access to Replay
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Digital Resource Folder with forms, consents, and additional start up resources

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Meet The Instructor:

Dr. Ronnika Stewart, is a Nurse Practitioner based in Tampa, FL . Dr. Stewart is the founder of The Concierge Nurse Network, Post Op Recovery Bootcamp, and IV Therapy Bootcamp. She is also the owner of Adaptiv Wellness + Recovery where she provides specialized wellness and recovery services, as well as post op concierge care to clients recovering from cosmetic procedures.

Ronnika knows what it feels like to be undervalued and unappreaciated as a nursing professional. Most notably, she relocated to Tampa in 2016, and was immediatly let go from the job for which she relocated. This lit a fire wihtin her to seek alternatives and options for applying her many years of nursing experience, skills and expertise. She quickly realized that as nurses, we have unspeakable value and she now assists other nurses to realize their value as nurses and apply this to starting a profitable and sustainable concierge nursing business. Dr. Stewart prides herself on being a lifetime learner and enjoys reading, research, and collaborating with like-minded professionals.

Prior Attendee Reviews:

"Dr Ronnika Stewart was amazing and she has a great team behind her. She was able to give detailed answers to our questions and took the time to break down certain aspects you might not necessarily think of as a new business owner. I will definitely be signing up for her mentorship!"


"Thank you so much Ronnika Stewart! The information you poured into me will be put to great use. I love the way you deliver you program with so much passion and knowledge. You have motivated myself and others that we can become awesome #nursepreneurs!!!!"

-Q. C.

"I would like to say Thank you Ronnika Stewart for developing a very well designed and educational Bootcamp and IV Infusion Therapy course. After taking her course I was educated on where to start and what plans needed to be in place to get my business started. Also I took advantage of her mentorship program as well."


If not paid in full, invoices for final payment will be sent 2 Weeks prior to event date. Deposits are nonrefundable but may be transferred once to a future event or other course offering.

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